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JRG Communications, Inc. is a consulting and public relations firm, developing marketing and public relations strategies at local, state and national levels.  Founded in 1985, JRG Communications, Inc. specializes in providing professional services and resources in the areas of public affairs, public relations, media relations, political consulting and media production in both English and Spanish. 

JRG Communications' knowledge and expertise in analyzing Hispanic markets and trends, have earned the firm local and national recognition as a leading authority on reaching Hispanic markets, growing Hispanic business and understanding the Hispanic population.   In addressing issues dealing with Hispanic markets, JRG Communications' President and CEO has been cited as a source in major media outlets such as CNN Financial, National Public Radio (NPR), CBS' Public Eye, PBS, The Washington Times, Hispanic Business, Hispanic and Hispanic Trends, to name a few.

JRG Communications, Inc. also provides business development services for small-to-medium size and minority-owned businesses.  From developing marketing plans and strategies to facilitating business-to-business opportunities with other companies, Fortune 500 Corporations and Government Agencies, JRG Communications' development services are designed to help position and brand its clients to succeed in the general market as well as in niche markets.

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