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This introductory course is designed for business executives who seek a better understanding of the growing Hispanic Market and what effect the rapid growth has on the economic, political and social landscape of this country.

The Hispanic population in the United States is growing at an astonishing rate of over 100,000 people every three weeks. The Hispanic community’s purchasing power represents the 9th largest economy in the world, larger than the Gross National Product of Brazil, Spain or Mexico.

Participants of this course will be exposed to:

  • Current population and projected growth trends of the United States Hispanic population.

  • Understanding the diversity within the Hispanic American community.

  • The purchasing power of Hispanic Americans and where/how the monies are being spent.

  • Recognizing the educational plight of many Hispanic youth and how it affects our future workforce.

  • Examining why Hispanic owned business are growing three times faster than any other market segment and the revenues they will produce.

  • Understanding language barriers, both real and perceived.

  • How can outreach to the Hispanic market improve your bottom line?

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